Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
000F6930Training ChestsLetterThievesGuildHeadquarters050
000A17B0Treasure Hunter's NoteWE100Letter0
000EF07ATreasure Map IdunTreasMapRiverwood0
000F33CETreasure Map IIdunTreasMapValtheim0
000F33CFTreasure Map IIIdunTreasMapSolLightHouse0
000F33D1Treasure Map IVdunTreasMapWhiterun0
000F33CDTreasure Map IXdunTreasMapBrokenHelm0
000F33D4Treasure Map VdunTreasMapLostValleyRedoubt0
000F33D0Treasure Map VIdunTreasMapKorvanjund0
000F33D5Treasure Map VIIdunTreasMapGallowsRock0
000F33D3Treasure Map VIIIdunTreasMapDragonBridge0
000F33E0Treasure Map XdunTreasMapIlinaltasDeep0
0001ADB4Treatise on Ayleidic CitiesBook4RareNefarivigumLore25
0001ACE2Trials of St. AlessiaBook2ReligiousTrialsofStAlessia5
000ED606Troll SlayingBook2CommonTrollSlaying8
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