Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0002F839Twin SecretsSkillEnchanting350
000E1640Ulfr's BookdunWhiteRiverWatchBlankBook5
000F0417Umana's JournaldunAlftandJournalUmana015
0009F267Uncommon TasteBook1CheapUncommonTaste3
0006851BUncommon Taste - SignedDB08Cookbook30
0201A3E0Unknown Book, Vol. IDLC1FVBook01Falmer20
0201A3E1Unknown Book, Vol. IIDLC1FVBook02Falmer20
0201A3E2Unknown Book, Vol. IIIDLC1FVBook03Falmer20
0201A3E3Unknown Book, Vol. IVDLC1FVBook04Falmer20
000E7F39Unsent Afflicted LetterDA13AfflictedLetter5
000F689DUntil Next TimeLetterRiftenHaelgasBunkhouse010
0003D29DUrag's NoteMGR20Note0
00072B13Vald's DebtTG07ValdDebt0
02003C4BValerica's JournalDLC1VQ04ValericaBook10
00093CF6Valmir's OrdersdunForelhostGrifterNote0
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