Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
000D670FWeylin's NoteMS01WeylinNote0
000F11B6Whiterun Home Decorating GuideHouseDecorateWhiterun5
000F1446Windhelm Home Decorating GuideHouseDecorateWindhelm5
030157A0Windstad Manor CharterBYOHHouse2Deed0
0001AFD8Words and PhilosophySkillTwoHanded150
0001B27DWords of Clan Mother AhnissiBook3ValuableWordsofClanMotherAhnissi14
0001B273Wraith's Wedding DowryBook3ValuableTheWraithsWeddingDowry10
020034DCWrit of DawnDLC1_WESC05Note0
000F1C18Writ of SealingdunGauldurSealJyrik0
000F1C17Writ of SealingdunGauldurSealMikrul0
000F1C19Writ of SealingdunGauldurSealSigdis0
000D9B6BWyndelius's JournalFFI01WyndeliusJournal40
0001B274Yellow Book of RiddlesBook1CheapTheYellowBookofRiddles3
0002A563Yngol and the Sea-GhostsBook2CommonYngolLore5
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