Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0001B239Charwich-Koniinge, v2Book3ValuableCharwichKoniingeLettersBookII13
000ED032Chaurus Pie: A RecipeBook3ValuableChaurusPie11
0001AFD1Cherim's HeartSkillSmithing470
0001AD03Children of the SkyBook4RareChildrenoftheSky25
0001B23CChronicles of NchuleftBook4RareChroniclesofNchuleft30
00019514Cicero's Journal - Final VolumeDB07Journal100
0009DABECicero's Journal - Volume 1DBCiceroJournal0125
0009DAC1Cicero's Journal - Volume 2DBCiceroJournal0225
0009DAC4Cicero's Journal - Volume 3DBCiceroJournal0325
0009DAC5Cicero's Journal - Volume 4DBCiceroJournal0425
0001AD04Cleansing of the FaneBook4RareCleansingoftheFane20
00083B05Commander's NotedunFortSnowhawkNoteImp0
0008AA46Complaint LetterCWFortGreymoorNoteAgnis020
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