Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Alftand"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00056C1BAlftand AnimonculoryAlftand02N/AInteriors
000237BDAlftand Blackreach 01AlftandBlackreach015, 4Blackreach
00008F63Alftand Exterior 01AlftandExterior0119, 19Tamriel
00008F82Alftand Exterior 02AlftandExterior0219, 18Tamriel
00008F83Alftand Exterior 03AlftandExterior0318, 18Tamriel
000152C3Alftand Glacial RuinsAlftand01N/AInteriors
00069858Alftand Ruined TowerAlftandZCellN/AInteriors
0006987AAlftand World EndAlftandWorldEnd-1, 0AlftandWorld
00069879Alftand World ForgeAlftandWorldForge-1, 1AlftandWorld
0006987FAlftand World OriginAlftandWorldOrigin-2, 0AlftandWorld
00069881Alftand World StartAlftandWorldStart0, 0AlftandWorld
000237B4Blackreach Elevator AlftandBlackreachElevatorAlftand5, 3Blackreach
0000901DBlackreach Quick Exit AlftandBlackreachQuickExitAlftand19, 13Tamriel
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