Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Blue Palace"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00016A04Blue PalaceSolitudeBluePalaceN/AInteriors
0009B23DBlue Palace Wing ArenaBPWArena-1, 1BluePalaceWingStart
00034243Blue Palace Wing FearBPWFear1, -1BluePalaceWingStart
00034548Blue Palace Wing HouseBPWHouse2, -4BluePalaceWingStart
0009B239Blue Palace Wing NightmareBPWNightmare1, 1BluePalaceWingStart
00034537Blue Palace Wing VoidBPWVoid2, -7BluePalaceWingStart
000152B4Pelagius WingOLDBluePalaceWing01N/AInteriors
0009B238Pelagius WingBluePalaceWing01N/AInteriors
00037EE2Solitude Blue Palace CourtyardSolitudeBluePalaceCourtyard-13, 24SolitudeWorld
00034247The Mind Of A MadmanBluePalaceWingStart0, 0BluePalaceWingStart
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