Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "College of Winterhold"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
000CAB92Arch-Mage's QuartersWinterholdCollegeArchMageQuartersN/AInteriors
000CAB91Hall of AttainmentWinterholdCollegeHallofAttainmentN/AInteriors
0001380FHall of CountenanceWinterholdCollegeHallofCountenanceN/AInteriors
0001380EHall of the ElementsWinterholdCollegeHallofTheElementsN/AInteriors
00013810The ArcanaeumWinterholdCollegeArcanaeumN/AInteriors
0002BCD7The MiddenWinterholdCollegeMidden01N/AInteriors
000AE783The Midden DarkWinterholdCollegeMidden02N/AInteriors
00008E62Winterhold College ExteriorWinterholdCollegeExterior28, 27Tamriel
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