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IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00013A88Beitild's HouseDawnstarBeitildsHouseN/AInteriors
00013A87Brina's HouseDawnstarBrinasHouseN/AInteriors
00013A89Dawnstar BarracksDawnstarBarracksN/AInteriors
00008E77Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary ExteriorDawnstarDBSanctuaryExterior7, 27Tamriel
00008EB4Dawnstar Exterior 01DawnstarExterior018, 25Tamriel
00008ED3Dawnstar Exterior 02Dawnstar02Exterior8, 24Tamriel
00008EB5Dawnstar Exterior 03Dawnstar03Exterior7, 25Tamriel
00008E96Dawnstar Exterior 04DawnstarExterior047, 26Tamriel
00008E76Dawnstar Exterior 05DawnstarExterior058, 27Tamriel
00008E95Dawnstar Exterior 06DawnstarExterior068, 26Tamriel
00008E97Dawnstar Exterior 07DawnstarExterior078, 26Tamriel
00008EB6Dawnstar Exterior 08DawnstarExterior086, 25Tamriel
00008ED4Dawnstar Exterior 09DawnstarExterior097, 24Tamriel
00008EF4Dawnstar Exterior AttackDawnstarExteriorAttack6, 23Tamriel
000EB440Dawnstar JailDawnstarBarracksJailN/AInteriors
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