Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Fort Amol"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0001527DFort AmolFortAmol01N/AInteriors
00009684Fort Amol 03FortAmol0323, -7Tamriel
00009683Fort Amol 04FortAmol0424, -7Tamriel
00009663Fort Amol 05FortAmol0525, -6Tamriel
00009645Fort Amol 06FortAmol0624, -5Tamriel
00009647Fort Amol EdgeFortAmolEdge22, -5Tamriel
00009665Fort Amol EntranceFortAmolEntrance23, -6Tamriel
00009664Fort Amol ExteriorFortAmolExterior24, -6Tamriel
00009666Fort Amol Exterior 03FortAmolExterior0322, -6Tamriel
00034955Fort Amol PrisonFortAmol02N/AInteriors
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