Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Fort Sungard"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00015275Fort Sungard AnnexFortSungard01N/AInteriors
00009A9AFort Sungard CourtyardFortSungardCourtyard-17, -7Tamriel
00009A9BFort Sungard Exterior 01FortSungardExterior01-18, -7Tamriel
00009A7AFort Sungard Exterior 02FortSungardExterior02-18, -6Tamriel
00009A9CFort Sungard Exterior 03FortSungardExterior03-19, -7Tamriel
00009A79Fort Sungard Exterior 04FortSungardExterior04-17, -6Tamriel
00009A59Fort Sungard Exterior EdgeFortSungardExteriorEdge-18, -5Tamriel
00034864Fort Sungard MusterFortSungard05N/AInteriors
0001AB5FFort Sungard OublietteFortSungard03N/AInteriors
00009A7BFort Sungard PathFortSungardPath-19, -6Tamriel
0003486EFort Sungard ShrineFortSungard04N/AInteriors
0001AB60Fort Sungard TowerFortSungard02N/AInteriors
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