Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Helgen"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0000980BHelgen ExteriorHelgenExterior4, -19Tamriel
0000982AHelgen Exterior 02HelgenExterior024, -20Tamriel
00009849Helgen Exterior 03HelgenExterior034, -21Tamriel
000097EDHelgen Exterior 04HelgenExterior043, -18Tamriel
0000980CHelgen Exterior 05HelgenExterior053, -19Tamriel
0000982BHelgen Exterior 06HelgenExterior063, -20Tamriel
0000984AHelgen Exterior 07HelgenExterior073, -21Tamriel
000097CFHelgen Exterior ExitHelgenExteriorExit2, -17Tamriel
00013A67Helgen HomesteadHelgenHomesteadN/AInteriors
0005DE24Helgen KeepHelgenKeep01N/AInteriors
000097EEHelgen Keep ExitChargenExit2, -18Tamriel
000097B1Helgen Riverwood CrossroadsHelgenRiverwoodCrossroads1, -16Tamriel
00013A68The Lost Man's ReprieveHelgenTheLostMansReprieveN/AInteriors
00013A66Torolf's MillHelgenTorolfsMillN/AInteriors
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