Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "High Hrothgar"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00087764High HrothgarHighHrothgarN/AInteriors
000096CDHigh Hrothgar EntranceHighHrothgarEntrance12, -9Tamriel
0000970CHigh Hrothgar Entrance 02HighHrothgarEntrance0211, -11Tamriel
000096CCHigh Hrothgar Exterior 01HighHrothgarExterior0113, -9Tamriel
000096EBHigh Hrothgar Exterior 02HighHrothgarExterior0213, -10Tamriel
000096EAHigh Hrothgar Exterior 03HighHrothgarExterior0314, -10Tamriel
00009763High Hrothgar Path Shrine 01HHPathShrine0117, -14Tamriel
00009744High Hrothgar Path Shrine 02HHpathShrine0217, -13Tamriel
000097A3High Hrothgar Path Shrine 03HHPathShrine0315, -16Tamriel
000097A2High Hrothgar Path Shrine 03bHHpathShrine03b16, -16Tamriel
000097E4High Hrothgar Path Shrine 04HHpathShrine0412, -18Tamriel
000097A7High Hrothgar Path Shrine 05HHpathShrine0511, -16Tamriel
0000976AHigh Hrothgar Path Shrine 06HHpathShrine0610, -14Tamriel
0000974BHigh Hrothgar Path Shrine 07HHpathShrine0710, -13Tamriel
0000970DHigh Hrothgar Path Shrine 08HHpathShrine0810, -11Tamriel
000096EDHigh Hrothgar Path Shrine 09HHpathShrine0911, -10Tamriel
000096ECHigh Hrothgar Path Shrine 10HHpathShrine1012, -10Tamriel
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