Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Japhet"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00094B36Japhet's Folly BoatJaphetsFollyBoat2, 2JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B4AJaphet's Folly Ice StartJaphetsFollyIceStart-1, 1JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B4BJaphet's Folly MarkersJaphetsFollyMarkers-1, 0JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B4EJaphet's Folly OriginJaphetsFollyOrigin0, 0JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B39Japhet's Folly ShipJaphetsFollyShip-2, 2JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B4CJaphet's Folly Start 01JaphetsFollyStart01-1, -1JaphetsFollyWorld
00094B43Japhet's Folly Test CellJaphetsFollyTestCell1, 1JaphetsFollyWorld
000414DDJaphet's Folly TowersJaphetsFolly02N/AInteriors
00015281Sea CaveJaphetsFolly01N/AInteriors
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