Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Morthal"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0010CEEAAlva's CellarMorthalAlvasHouseCellarN/AInteriors
000138E1Alva's HouseMorthalAlvasHouseN/AInteriors
000138D0Falion's HouseMorthalFalionsHouseN/AInteriors
000138CCHighmoon HallMorthalHighmoonHallN/AInteriors
000138CFJorgen and Lami's HouseMorthalJorgenandLamisHouseN/AInteriors
000138CEMoorside InnMorthalMoorsideInnN/AInteriors
000093BEMorthal Exterior 01MorthalExterior01-10, 15Tamriel
000093BDMorthal Exterior 02MorthalExterior02-9, 15Tamriel
0000939CMorthal Exterior 03MorthalExterior03-9, 16Tamriel
0000939DMorthal Exterior 04MorthalExterior04-10, 16Tamriel
0000937CMorthal Exterior 05MorthalExterior05-10, 17Tamriel
000093BFMorthal Exterior 06MorthalExterior06-11, 15Tamriel
0000939EMorthal Exterior 07MorthalExterior07-11, 16Tamriel
000093BCMorthal Exterior 08MorthalExterior08-8, 15Tamriel
0000935BMorthal Exterior AttackMorthalExteriorAttack-10, 18Tamriel
0005D010Morthal JailMorthalGuardhouseJailN/AInteriors
000138CBThaumaturgist's HutMorthalThaumaturgistsHutN/AInteriors
000138CAThonnir's HouseMorthalThonnirsHouseN/AInteriors
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