Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Shor"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0400ED0ADLC2 Northshore Landing Exterior 01DLC2NorthshoreLandingExterior015, 22DLC2SolstheimWorld
0400ED09DLC2 Northshore Landing Exterior 02DLC2NorthshoreLandingExterior026, 22DLC2SolstheimWorld
00013856Filnjar's HouseShorsStoneFilnjarsHouseN/AInteriors
00013850Odfel's HouseShorsStoneOdfelsandGrogmarsHouseN/AInteriors
0001382ERedbelly MineShorsStoneRedbellyMineN/AInteriors
0000BBAAShor's Stone Exterior 01ShorsStoneExterior0139, -15Tamriel
0000BBCBShor's Stone Exterior 02ShorsStoneExterior0239, -16Tamriel
0000BBCAShor's Stone Exterior 03ShorsStoneExterior0340, -16Tamriel
0000BBA9Shor's Stone Exterior 04ShorsStoneExterior0440, -15Tamriel
0000BB66Shor's Watchtower Exterior 01ShorsWatchtowerExterior0141, -13Tamriel
0001383ASylgja's HouseShorsStoneSylgjasHouseN/AInteriors
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