Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Skuldafn"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00027951SkuldafnxWilderness49, -10SkuldafnWorld
00027946Skuldafn CourtyardSkuldafnCourtyard49, -12SkuldafnWorld
0002794FSkuldafn EntranceSkuldafnEntrance50, -11SkuldafnWorld
000317E7Skuldafn North TowerSkuldafn05N/AInteriors
00028EDFSkuldafn South TowerSkuldafn04N/AInteriors
00027959Skuldafn StartSkuldafnStart47, -10SkuldafnWorld
000A73F4Skuldafn TempleSkuldafn02N/AInteriors
000A0877Skuldafn TempleSkuldafn01N/AInteriors
0002794ESkuldafn TopSkuldafnTop50, -10SkuldafnWorld
00027948Skuldafn Tower ASkuldafnTowerA48, -12SkuldafnWorld
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