Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0000901DBlackreach Quick Exit AlftandBlackreachQuickExitAlftand19, 13Tamriel
00008F75Blackreach Quick Exit MzinchaleftBlackreachQuickExitMzinchaleft1, 19Tamriel
0001EE6FBlackreach Sewer EntranceBlackreachSewerEntrance1, 1Blackreach
000237C1Blackreach Sinderion's ShackBlackreachSinderionsShack4, 4Blackreach
000237D0Blackreach Spider LairBlackreachSpiderLair0, 4Blackreach
000237CABlackreach Spider Lair 02BlackreachSpiderLair021, 5Blackreach
000237D8Blackreach TowersBlackreachTowers2, 2Blackreach
000237D2Blackreach Weather Test 2BlackreachWeatherTest23, 3Blackreach
000237BEBlackreach Weather Test 3BlackreachWeatherTest34, 3Blackreach
0007D033Blacksmith QuartersWindhelmBlacksmithN/AInteriors
00075669Bleak Falls BarrowE3demoBleakFallsBarrowN/AInteriors
00009B0EBleak Falls Barrow ExteriorBleakFallsBarrowExterior-1, -11Tamriel
00009B32Bleak Falls Barrow Exterior 02BleakFallsBarrowExterior02-4, -12Tamriel
00009B0DBleak Falls Barrow Exterior 03BleakFallsBarrowExterior030, -11Tamriel
00009AECBleak Falls Barrow Exterior 04BleakFallsBarrowExterior040, -10Tamriel
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