Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
040142EDWhite Ridge BarrowDLC2WhiteRidgeBarrow01N/AInteriors
0403C7F5White Ridge SanctumDLC2WhiteRidgeBarrow02N/AInteriors
000151F9White River WatchWhiteRiverWatch01N/AInteriors
00009635White River Watch Exterior 01WhiteRiverWatchExterior019, -4Tamriel
00009634White River Watch Exterior 02WhiteRiverWatchExterior0210, -4Tamriel
00009653White River Watch Exterior 03WhiteRiverWatchExterior0310, -5Tamriel
00009655WhiterunWhiterun8, -5Tamriel
00009676Whiterun Attack StartWhiterunAttackStart6, -6Tamriel
00009677Whiterun Attack Start 02WhiterunAttackStart025, -6Tamriel
00009658Whiterun Attack Start 03WhiterunAttackStart035, -5Tamriel
00094BABWhiterun CatacombsWhiterunHalloftheDeadCatacombsN/AInteriors
0004603FWhiterun Dragonsreach Great Porch 01WhiterunDragonsReach017, 0WhiterunDragonsreachWorld
00046048Whiterun Dragonsreach Great Porch 02WhiterunDragonsReach026, 0WhiterunDragonsreachWorld
0004603EWhiterun Dragonsreach Great Porch 03WhiterunDragonsreach037, 1WhiterunDragonsreachWorld
0000961BWhiterun Exterior 01 [Stables]WhiterunExterior014, -3Tamriel
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