Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00009632Whiterun Stormcloak CampMilitaryCampWhiterunSons12, -4Tamriel
00009651Whiterun Stormcloak Camp 02MilitaryCampWhiterunSons0212, -5Tamriel
0001A27EWhiterun Wind District 01WhiterunWindDistrict014, -1WhiterunWorld
0001A27BWhiterun Wind District 02WhiterunWindDistrict025, -1WhiterunWorld
0001A275Whiterun Wind District 03WhiterunWindDistrict036, -1WhiterunWorld
0000915FWhitewatch Tower Exterior 01WhitewatchTowerExterior017, 3Tamriel
00039F67WI Courier CellWICourierCellN/AInteriors
001037E7WI Dead Body Cleanup CellWIDeadBodyCleanupCellN/AInteriors
000091DFWidow's Watch Ruins Exterior 01WidowsWatchRuinsExterior01-26, 30Tamriel
00009200Widow's Watch Ruins Exterior 02WidowsWatchRuinsExterior02-26, 29Tamriel
0000B51BWindhelm Attack Start 01WindhelmAttackStart0135, 5Tamriel
0000B51AWindhelm Attack Start 02WindhelmAttackStart0236, 5Tamriel
0000B4F9Windhelm Attack Start 03WindhelmAttackStart0336, 6Tamriel
0000B4FAWindhelm Attack Start 04WindhelmAttackStart0435, 6Tamriel
0000B51DWindhelm Attack Start 05WindhelmAttackStart0533, 5Tamriel
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