Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0001677AWindhelm BarracksWindhelmBloodworksN/AInteriors
0000B4FCWindhelm Bridge 01WindhelmBridge0133, 6Tamriel
0000B4FDWindhelm Bridge 02WindhelmBridge0232, 6Tamriel
0000B4DBWindhelm Bridge 03WindhelmBridge0333, 7Tamriel
0000B4DCWindhelm Bridge 04WindhelmBridge0432, 7Tamriel
00038382Windhelm Candlehearth Hall ExteriorWindhelmCandlehearthHallExterior32, 8WindhelmWorld
0000B4B9Windhelm Docks Exterior 01WindhelmDocksExterior0134, 8Tamriel
0000B4BBWindhelm Exterior 01WindhelmExterior0132, 8Tamriel
0000B4BAWindhelm Exterior 02WindhelmExterior0233, 8Tamriel
00052580Windhelm Marketplace ExteriorWindhelmMarketplaceExterior31, 8WindhelmWorld
0003837EWindhelm OriginWindhelmOrigin33, 9WindhelmWorld
00038380Windhelm Palace Of The Kings ExteriorWindhelmPalaceOfTheKingsExterior32, 10WindhelmWorld
000D45F2Windhelm Pit EntranceWindhelmPitEntrance33, 10WindhelmPitWorldspace
0003837DWindhelm Pit ExteriorWindhelmPitExterior33, 10WindhelmWorld
00016774Windhelm StablesWindhelmStablesN/AInteriors
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