Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
00013A7FWindpeak InnDawnstarWindpeakInnN/AInteriors
03011CB3Windstad ManorBYOHHouse2HjaalmarchN/AInteriors
03015154Windstad Manor, CellarBYOHHouse2HjaalmarchBasementN/AInteriors
00008F15Windward Ruins ExteriorWindwardRuinsExterior4, 22Tamriel
00008E62Winterhold College ExteriorWinterholdCollegeExterior28, 27Tamriel
00005D08Winterhold College Jail ExteriorWinterholdCollegeJailExterior32, 38Tamriel
00008EA2Winterhold Exterior 01WinterholdExterior0126, 25Tamriel
00008EC1Winterhold Exterior 02WinterholdExterior0226, 24Tamriel
00008EE0Winterhold Exterior 03WinterholdExterior0326, 23Tamriel
00008EC0Winterhold Exterior 05WinterholdExterior0527, 24Tamriel
00008EA1Winterhold Exterior 06WinterholdExterior0627, 25Tamriel
00008EDEWinterhold Exterior AttackWinterholdExteriorAttack28, 23Tamriel
00008E82Winterhold Exterior BridgeWinterholdExteriorBridge27, 26Tamriel
00008EDFWinterhold Exterior EdgeWinterholdExteriorEdge27, 23Tamriel
00008EEEWinterhold Imperial CampMilitaryCampWinterholdImperial12, 23Tamriel
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