Interior and Exterior Locations
IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0000B289Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos Exterior 01PrideofTelVosExterior0133, 25Tamriel
0000B268Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos Exterior 02PrideofTelVosExterior0233, 26Tamriel
0000B267Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos Exterior 03PrideofTelVosExterior0334, 26Tamriel
0000B3CBWreck of the Winter War Exterior 01WinterWarExterior0141, 15Tamriel
0000B3AAWreck of the Winter War Exterior 02WinterWarExterior0241, 16Tamriel
0000B3A9Wreck of the Winter War Exterior 03WinterWarExterior0342, 16Tamriel
0000B3CAWreck of the Winter War Exterior 04WinterWarExterior0442, 15Tamriel
04018F48Wulf Wild-Blood's HouseDLC2SVWulfWildbloodsHouseN/AInteriors
00030A4Bx Sovngarde OriginxSovngardeOrigin0, 0Sovngarde
000151F5Yngol BarrowYngolBarrow01N/AInteriors
0000B452Yngol Barrow ExteriorYngolBarrowExterior38, 11Tamriel
0000B42EYngol Barrow Exterior 02YngolBarrowExterior0241, 12Tamriel
00008E51Yngvild ExteriorYngvildExterior14, 28Tamriel
000227B9Yngvild Throne RoomYngvild02N/AInteriors
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