Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Riften"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0000BC4CRiften Attack Start 01RiftenAttackStart0142, -20Tamriel
0000BC4BRiften Attack Start 02RiftenAttackStart0243, -20Tamriel
0000BC6CRiften Attack Start 03RiftenAttackStart0343, -21Tamriel
00042242Riften City EastRiftenCityEast43, -24RiftenWorld
00042249Riften City NorthRiftenCityNorth42, -23RiftenWorld
0000BCAFRiften City North Gate ExteriorRiftenCityNorthGateExterior42, -23Tamriel
00042241Riften City NortheastRiftenCityNortheast43, -23RiftenWorld
0004224ARiften City NorthwestRiftenCityNorthwest41, -23RiftenWorld
00042245Riften City SouthRiftenCitySouth42, -25RiftenWorld
0000BCF1Riften City South Gate ExteriorRiftenCitySouthGateExterior42, -25Tamriel
00042243Riften City SoutheastRiftenCitySoutheast43, -25RiftenWorld
00042246Riften City SouthwestRiftenCitySouthwest41, -25RiftenWorld
00042244Riften City WestRiftenCityWest41, -24RiftenWorld
00016BDBRiften FisheryRiftenFisheryN/AInteriors
000A8B23Riften JailRiftenJail01N/AInteriors
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