Interior and Exterior Locations

Search Results for "Whiterun"

IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0007947AJorrvaskr Living QuartersWhiterunJorrvaskrBasementN/AInteriors
000165AEOlava the Feeble's HouseWhiterunOlavatheFeeblesHouseN/AInteriors
00036ED5Severio Pelagia's HouseWhiterunSeverioPelagiasHouseN/AInteriors
000165A7Temple of KynarethWhiterunTempleofKynarethN/AInteriors
0001B4D8Test CW Patrols WhiterunTestCWPatrolsWhiterun1, -2CWTestHold
0001B506Test CW Whiterun No LOCATION DATATestCWWhiterunNoLOCATIONDATA3, 0CWTestHold
0001605EThe Bannered MareWhiterunBanneredMareN/AInteriors
000165B7The Drunken HuntsmanWhiterunDrunkenHuntsmanN/AInteriors
000918D3Uthgerd's HouseWhiterunUthgerdTheUnbrokensHouseN/AInteriors
00009A26Western Watchtower ExteriorWhiterunWatchtowerExterior0, -4Tamriel
0000963DWestern Watchtower Exterior 02WhiterunWatchtowerExterior021, -4Tamriel
00009655WhiterunWhiterun8, -5Tamriel
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