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IDNameCOC CodeX, YWorld
0001EE6DPOI Blackreach 07POIBlackreach072, 1Blackreach
000B29D6Pumping StationBlackreachZcell04N/AInteriors
00023774Raldbthar Blackreach 01RaldbtharBlackreach013, -2Blackreach
00009151Raldbthar Blackreach ElevatorRaldbtharExterior0421, 3Tamriel
0007BEF8Reeking TowerBlackreachZcell01N/AInteriors
0007FCDDSilent City CatacombsBlackreachSewer01N/AInteriors
0007BEF7Silent RuinBlackreachZcell02N/AInteriors
000EEC55Sinderion's Field LaboratoryBlackreachZCell10N/AInteriors
0002D4E3Tower of MzarkTowerOfMzarkN/AInteriors
0001EE75Tower Of Mzark ExteriorTowerOfMzarkExterior-1, -1Blackreach
000152BBWar QuartersBlackreachZcell03N/AInteriors
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