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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000E94D4Abandoned Prison KeydunAbandonedPrisonKey00
0002E3F8Abandoned Shack KeyDB02AbandonedShackKey00
00106E1BAbecean LongfinCritterPondFish02Ingredient150.5
000FDEB5Aerin's House KeyRiftenAerinsHouseKey00
0200575BAetherium CrestDLC1LD_AetheriumCrest10001
04017719Albino Spider PodDLC2ExpSpiderAlbinoButt101
000BAD0CAlchemy LabCraftingAlchemyWorkbench
000D54FFAlchemy LabCraftingAlchemyWorkbenchTabletop
04018453Alor House KeyDLC2RRAlorHouseKey00
0003133BAlto WineFoodWineAlto120.5
000C5349Alto WineFoodWineAltoA120.5
0401CAC0Amethyst Claw, Left HalfDLC2SV01HalfClawLeft2000.5
0401CAC1Amethyst Claw, Right HalfDLC2SV01HalfClawRight2000.5
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