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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003AD52Bear PeltBearPelt503
000C886CBent Dwemer Scrap MetalDwarvenScrapBent152
02002994Bone Hawk FeathersDLC1BoneHawkFeathers71
02002993Bone Hawk SkullDLC1BoneHawkSkull71
0003AD53Cave Bear PeltBearCavePelt603
0003AD57Chaurus ChitinChaurusChitin504
0402B04EChitin PlateDLC2ChitinPlate51
0005AD93Corundum IngotIngotCorundum401
0005ACDBCorundum OreOreCorundum201
0003AD8FCow HideCowHide102
0003AD5BDaedra HeartDaedraHeart2500.5
0003AD90Deer HideDeerHide102
000D284DDeer HideDeerHide02102
000CF89EDeer PeltDeerPelt102
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