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Search Results for "Dragon Claw"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0401CAC0Amethyst Claw, Left HalfDLC2SV01HalfClawLeft2000.5
0401CAC1Amethyst Claw, Right HalfDLC2SV01HalfClawRight2000.5
000B634CCoral Dragon ClawdunYngolBarrowCoralClaw1500.5
000AB375Diamond ClawdunSkuldafnDiamondClaw10000.5
0005AF48Ebony ClawdunKorvanjundEbonyDragonClaw8000.5
000ED417Emerald Dragon ClawdunReachwaterRockEmeraldDragonClaw6000.5
0007C260Glass ClawdunForelhostGlassClaw7000.5
000999E7Golden ClawE3GoldenClaw1000.5
00039647Golden ClawMS13GoldenClaw1000.5
0008CDFAIron ClawdunValthumeIronClaw750.5
000AB7BBIvory Dragon ClawdunFolgunthurIvoryDragonClaw2000.5
0004B56CRuby Dragon ClawdunDeadMensRubyDragonClaw4000.5
000663D7Sapphire Dragon ClawFFI01Claw5000.5
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