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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003133BAlto WineFoodWineAlto120.5
000C5349Alto WineFoodWineAltoA120.5
000EBA01Apple Cabbage StewFoodAppleCabbageStew80.5
03003533Apple DumplingBYOHFoodAppleDumpling0130.1
00064B43Apple PieFoodPie50.5
03003535Argonian BloodwineBYOHFoodWineBottle041000.5
0403D125Ash Hopper LegDLC2FoodAshHopperLeg21
0403BD15Ash Hopper MeatDLC2FoodAshHopperMeat20.5
040206E7Ash YamDLC2FoodAshYam10.1
0403572FAshfire MeadDLC2FoodAshfireMead500.5
00064B3ABaked PotatoesFoodPotatoesBaked20.1
000F4314Beef StewFoodBeefStew80.5
0002C35ABlack-Briar MeadFoodBlackBriarMead250.2
000F693FBlack-Briar ReserveFoodBlackBriarMeadPrivateReserve1000.5
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