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Search Results for "Furniture"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000BAD0CAlchemy LabCraftingAlchemyWorkbench
000D54FFAlchemy LabCraftingAlchemyWorkbenchTabletop
000BAD0DArcane EnchanterCraftingEnchantingWorkbench
000D5501Arcane EnchanterCraftingEnchantingWorkbenchTabletop
000CAE0BBlacksmith ForgeCraftingBlackSmithForge
000BF9E1Blacksmith ForgeCraftingBlackSmithForgeWR
0200F812Blacksmith ForgeDLC1DawnguardCraftingBlackSmithForge
0403CF6EBlacksmith ForgeDLC2CraftingBlackSmithForge
0402B074Blacksmith ForgeDLC2CraftingBlackSmithSkaalForge
00104110Cooking PotCraftingCookingPotLG
001010B3Cooking PotCraftingCookingPotSm
00108230Cooking PotCraftingCookingPotSmNoHandle
00068ADBCooking SpitCraftingCookingFireSpit
04017736Staff EnchanterDLC2CraftingStaffWorkbench
000727A1Tanning RackCraftingTanningRackMarker
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