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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00106E1BAbecean LongfinCritterPondFish02Ingredient150.5
020059BAAncestor Moth WingDLC01MothWingAncestor20.1
0401CD74Ash Creep ClusterDLC2AshCreepCluster200.25
0401CD71Ash Hopper JellyDLC2AshHopperJelly200.25
04016E26Ashen Grass PodDLC2SpikyGrassAsh0110.1
0006BC02Bear ClawsBearClaws20.1
000A9191Beehive HuskBeeHiveHusk51
000705B7Berit's AshesFavorThadgeirAshes50.2
0004DA20Bleeding CrownMushroom02100.3
000727DEBlue Butterfly WingMothWingBlue20.1
000E4F0CBlue DartwingDragonflyBlue10.1
00077E1CBlue Mountain FlowerMountainFlower01Blue20.1
0401CD6FBoar TuskDLC2BoarTusk200.5
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