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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000E94D4Abandoned Prison KeydunAbandonedPrisonKey00
0002E3F8Abandoned Shack KeyDB02AbandonedShackKey00
000FDEB5Aerin's House KeyRiftenAerinsHouseKey00
04018453Alor House KeyDLC2RRAlorHouseKey00
0008715FAngarvunde KeydunAngarvundeKey00
00093BF4Ansilvund KeyDunAnsilvundKey0200
000C5140Arch-Mage's Quarters KeyCollegeArchMageKey00
0009C795Aretino Residence KeyWindhelmAretinoResidenceKey00
0009C79BArgonian Assemblage KeyWindhelmArgonianAssemblageKey00
000835CAArondil's KeydunYngvildKey00
0009C7DAAtheron Residence KeyWindhelmAtheronResidenceKey00
0006D0ADAvanchnzel KeyAvanchnzelKey0100
04018FB7Baldor's House KeyDLC2SVBaldorIronShapersHouseKey00
000FDEB2Bee and Barb KeyRiftenBeeandBarbKey00
0009C864Belyn Hlaalu's House KeyWindhelmBelynHlaaluHouseKey00
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