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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0200575BAetherium CrestDLC1LD_AetheriumCrest10001
02012F97Amethyst ParagonPortalGemPurpleKey3600.3
02005706Ancient Vampire ArmDLC1RV05Remains42501
02005705Ancient Vampire HandsDLC1RV05Remains32501
02005704Ancient Vampire HeadDLC1RV05Remains22501
02005703Ancient Vampire LegDLC1RV05Remains12502
02005707Ancient Vampire RibcageDLC1RV05Remains52501
0001F6D4Aretino Family HeirloomDB01Plate1000.5
02002B29Arvak's Skullsc_ArvakSkullUNIQUE04
020191CBArvak's Skullsc_SkeletonHorseHead04
0401CDF4Ash ExtractorDLC2TTR3aAshExtractor10.5
0401B65CAsh Spawn SampleDLC2TTR3aAshSample1001
0003532CAttunement SphereDA04AttunementSphere00
000DA74DBarenziahs CrownTGCrownComplete00
0003A3D2Blank LexiconDA04DweLexiconCubeBlank0100
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