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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000967E3J'zargo's Flame Cloak ScrollMGRJzargo1Scroll1000.5
000218F2Scroll of Bane of the UndeadBaneOfTheUndeadScroll5000.5
000A449FScroll of Banish DaedraBanishDaedraScroll1000.5
000A44B2Scroll of BlizzardBlizzardScroll5000.5
000A44BEScroll of Call to ArmsCallToArmsScroll5000.5
000965ADScroll of CalmCalmScroll500.5
0009659BScroll of CandlelightCandlelightScroll250.5
000A44B0Scroll of Chain LightningChainLightningScroll1000.5
000A44C3Scroll of Circle of ProtectionCircleOfProtectionScroll2500.5
000A44A4Scroll of Command DaedraCommandDaedraScroll2500.5
0009659FScroll of Conjure FamiliarConjureFamiliarScroll250.5
000965A5Scroll of Conjure Flame AtronachConjureFlameAtronachScroll500.5
000A44A0Scroll of Conjure Frost AtronachConjureFrostAtronachScroll1000.5
000A44A1Scroll of Conjure Storm AtronachConjureStormAtronachScroll2500.5
000965A0Scroll of CourageCourageScroll250.5
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