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Search Results for "Soul Gems"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00063B27Azura's StarDA01SoulGemAzurasStar10000
0002E500Black Soul GemSoulGemBlack3001
0002E504Black Soul GemSoulGemBlackFilled7501
0002E4E6Common Soul GemSoulGemCommon500.3
0002E4F3Common Soul GemSoulGemCommonFilled1500.3
0002E4FCGrand Soul GemSoulGemGrand2000.5
0002E4FFGrand Soul GemSoulGemGrandFilled5000.5
0002E4F4Greater Soul GemSoulGemGreater1000.4
0002E4FBGreater Soul GemSoulGemGreaterFilled3500.4
0002E4E4Lesser Soul GemSoulGemLesser250.2
0002E4E5Lesser Soul GemSoulGemLesserFilled800.2
00028AD9Malyn's Black Soul GemDA01MalynsBlackSoul00.5
0002E4E2Petty Soul GemSoulGemPetty100.1
0002E4E3Petty Soul GemSoulGemPettyFilled400.1
00063B29The Black StarDA01SoulGemBlackStar10000
00094E40Treated Soul GemWhiterunSoulGem250.2
00043E26Wylandriah's Soul GemFFRiften14SoulGem00
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