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Search Results for "Potions"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003EB35Potion of HagglingFortifySkillBarter01840.5
0003EADEPotion of HealingRestoreHealth02730.5
0003EAF2Potion of HealthFortifyHealth01770.5
0003EB39Potion of IllusionFortifySkillIllusion01610.5
000F84BBPotion of KeenshotTGPotionofKeenShot011530.5
000F84A7Potion of LarcenyTGPotionofLarceny01630.5
0003EB0DPotion of Lasting PotencyFortifyMagickaRate013110.5
0003EB33Potion of Light FeetFortifySkillSneak01450.5
00039930Potion of LockpickingFortifySkillLockpicking01450.5
0003EAE1Potion of MagickaRestoreMagicka02730.5
0003EADDPotion of Minor HealingRestoreHealth01170.5
0003EAE0Potion of Minor MagickaRestoreMagicka01200.5
0003EAE5Potion of Minor StaminaRestoreStamina01200.5
0401AADDPotion of Minor Well-beingDLC2RestoreAll01310.5
0003EB31Potion of PickpocketingFortifySkillPickpocket01380.5
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