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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003EADFPotion of Plentiful HealingRestoreHealth03570.5
0003EAE2Potion of Plentiful MagickaRestoreMagicka031150.5
0003EAE7Potion of Plentiful StaminaRestoreStamina03280.5
0401AADFPotion of Plentiful Well-beingDLC2RestoreAll031390.5
000F84C1Potion of PlunderTGPotionofPlunder012260.5
0003EB41Potion of Prolonged InvisibilityInvisibility045870.5
0003EB09Potion of RegenerationFortifyHealRate01620.5
00039B8APotion of Resist ColdResistFrost25960.5
00039B4APotion of Resist FireResistFire25960.5
00039E52Potion of Resist MagicResistMagic25900.5
00039BE1Potion of Resist ShockResistShock25960.5
00039BE8Potion of StaminaRestoreStamina02440.5
0003EB02Potion of StrengthFortifyCarry011130.5
0003EB2BPotion of the BerserkerFortifySkillTwoHanded01770.5
0003EB32Potion of the DefenderFortifySkillBlock01540.5
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