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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003EB3APotion of the HealerFortifySkillRestoration01580.5
0003EB2FPotion of the KnightFortifySkillHeavyArmor01540.5
0003EB2APotion of the WarriorFortifySkillOneHanded01670.5
0003EB2CPotion of True ShotFortifySkillMarksman01480.5
00039BE5Potion of Ultimate HealingRestoreHealth062510.5
00039BE7Potion of Ultimate MagickaRestoreMagicka061500.5
00039CF3Potion of Ultimate StaminaRestoreStamina061500.5
0401AAE2Potion of Ultimate Well-beingDLC2RestoreAll062690.5
0003EB11Potion of VigorFortifyStaminaRate013110.5
0003EAE3Potion of Vigorous HealingRestoreHealth04790.5
0003EAE4Potion of Vigorous MagickaRestoreMagicka041580.5
0003EAE8Potion of Vigorous StaminaRestoreStamina04390.5
0401AAE0Potion of Vigorous Well-beingDLC2RestoreAll041950.5
0003AC2EPotion of WaterbreathingWaterbreathing01460.5
040390E0Potion of WaterwalkingDLC2dunBloodskalPotionOfWaterWalking5000.5
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