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Search Results for "Potions"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0401AADEPotion of Well-beingDLC2RestoreAll02820.5
000F84BAPrime Elixir of ConflictTGPotionofConflict065500.5
000F84B3Prime Elixir of EscapeTGPotionofEscape0614140.5
000F84C0Prime Elixir of KeenshotTGPotionofKeenShot062860.5
000F84ACPrime Elixir of LarcenyTGPotionofLarceny061860.5
000F84C6Prime Elixir of PlunderTGPotionofPlunder0615790.5
0201391DRedwater SkoomaDLC1RedwaterDenSkooma350.5
000398FDSkirmisher's DraughtFortifySkillLightArmor021410.5
00039904Skirmisher's ElixirFortifySkillLightArmor042470.5
00039903Skirmisher's PhilterFortifySkillLightArmor031930.5
0003EB30Skirmisher's PotionFortifySkillLightArmor01580.5
000AED90Sleeping Tree SapdunSleepingTreeCampSap1000.5
0003EAFESolution of Enhanced StaminaFortifyStamina035710.5
0003EAFBSolution of Extra MagickaFortifyMagicka031940.5
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