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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003EAF6Solution of HealthFortifyHealth032590.5
0003EB0FSolution of Lasting PotencyFortifyMagickaRate034510.5
0003EB0BSolution of RegenerationFortifyHealRate034510.5
0003EB03Solution of StrengthFortifyCarry036090.5
00039B0CSolution of VigorFortifyStaminaRate034510.5
02015A1ESoul Husk ExtractDLC1FoodSoulHuskExtract2540.5
0005566AStallion's PotionMarkarthBothelaPotion1130.5
00073F41Stamina PoisonDamageStamina021330.5
000D055EStros M'Kai RumFavorSorexRum120.5
0002C25AThe White Phial (Empty)MS12WhitePhial00.5
0010201CThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifyMagicka014550.5
0010201DThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifySkillOneHanded041320.5
0010201BThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifySkillSneak03480.5
0010201AThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifyStamina013410.5
00102019The White Phial (Full)MS12WPResistMagic501930.5
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