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Search Results for "Potions"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0010201EThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPRestoreHealth04790.5
00073F40Unceasing Magicka PoisonDamageMagickaLinger05150.5
00073F48Unceasing Stamina PoisonDamageStaminaLinger05350.5
0005661FUnknown PotionDefaultPotion00.5
0005F6DFVaermina's TorporDA16TorporPotion00.5
00065C37Velvet LeChanceRiftenSpecial0150.5
00073F8CVigor PoisonDamageStaminaRate021590.5
00073F60Virulent Fear PoisonFear044020.5
00073F5CVirulent Frenzy PoisonFrenzy047200.5
00074A3AVirulent Paralysis PoisonParalyze045000.5
00073F33Virulent PoisonDamageHealth042210.5
00073F43Virulent Stamina PoisonDamageStamina042850.5
00065A6BWeak Aversion to FireWeaknessFire011160.5
00065A6CWeak Aversion to FrostWeaknessFrost01960.5
00065A6EWeak Aversion to MagicWeaknessMagic011930.5
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