Scrolls, Potions, Ingredients, Food, Dragon Claws, Quest Items, Smithing Materials, Crafting Materials, Crafting Furniture, Flawless Gems, Soul Gems and Keys
Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
02012F97Amethyst ParagonPortalGemPurpleKey3600.3
020059BAAncestor Moth WingDLC01MothWingAncestor20.1
02005706Ancient Vampire ArmDLC1RV05Remains42501
02005705Ancient Vampire HandsDLC1RV05Remains32501
02005704Ancient Vampire HeadDLC1RV05Remains22501
02005703Ancient Vampire LegDLC1RV05Remains12502
02005707Ancient Vampire RibcageDLC1RV05Remains52501
0008715FAngarvunde KeydunAngarvundeKey00
00093BF4Ansilvund KeyDunAnsilvundKey0200
000EBA01Apple Cabbage StewFoodAppleCabbageStew80.5
03003533Apple DumplingBYOHFoodAppleDumpling0130.1
00064B43Apple PieFoodPie50.5
000BAD0DArcane EnchanterCraftingEnchantingWorkbench
000D5501Arcane EnchanterCraftingEnchantingWorkbenchTabletop
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