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Search Results for "Crafting Smithing"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003ADA4Dragon BoneDragonBone50015
0003ADA3Dragon ScalesDragonScales25010
000DB8A2Dwarven Metal IngotIngotDwarven301
0005AD9DEbony IngotIngotEbony1501
0005ACDCEbony OreOreEbony601
000D4B35Fox PeltFoxPelt50.5
0003AD8EGoat HideGoatHide51
0300303FGoat HornsBYOHMaterialHornGoat51
0005AD9EGold IngotIngotGold1001
0005ACDEGold OreOreGold501
0003AD68Horker TuskHorkerTusk151
0003AD93Horse HideHorseHide152
0003AD75Ice Wolf PeltWolfIcePelt151
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