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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00034CDDBone MealBoneMeal50.5
0003AD61Briar HeartBriarHeart200.5
0401CD6EBurnt Spriggan WoodDLC2BurntSprigganWood200.5
000727E0Butterfly WingMothWingMonarch30.1
0006ABCBCanis RootCanisRoot0150.1
00052695Charred Skeever HideCharredSkeeverHide10.5
0003AD56Chaurus EggsChaurusEggs100.2
020183B7Chaurus Hunter AntennaeDLC01ChaurusHunterAntennae20.1
00023D77Chicken's EggBirdEgg0320.5
000B2183Creep ClusterCreepClusterRoot10.2
000B701ACrimson NirnrootNirnrootRed100.2
00106E19Cyrodilic SpadetailCritterPondFish04Ingredient150.25
0003AD5BDaedra HeartDaedraHeart2500.5
000889A2Dragon's TongueDragonsTongue50.1
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