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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00065A64Cure PoisonCurePoison310.5
000B91D7Cyrodilic BrandyWEDL03CyrodilicBrandy1500.5
00073F4CDeadly Aversion to FireWeaknessFire053180.5
00073F50Deadly Aversion to FrostWeaknessFrost052650.5
00073F59Deadly Aversion to MagicWeaknessMagic055300.5
00073F55Deadly Aversion to ShockWeaknessShock053710.5
00073F61Deadly Fear PoisonFear055260.5
00073F5DDeadly Frenzy PoisonFrenzy054720.5
00073F38Deadly Lingering PoisonDamageHealthLinger05210.5
00073F3CDeadly Magicka PoisonDamageMagicka054650.5
00074A3BDeadly Paralysis PoisonParalyze057810.5
00073F34Deadly PoisonDamageHealth052960.5
00073F94Deadly Recovery PoisonDamageMagickaRecovery055680.5
00073F44Deadly Stamina PoisonDamageStamina053800.5
0003F4BDDouble-Distilled SkoomaWindhelmDoubleDistilledSkooma550.5
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