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Search Results for "Quest Items"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
02008426Bloodstone ChaliceDLC1VampireChalice010
020088EBBloodstone ChaliceDLC1VampireChalicewithBlood011
0002C260Briar HeartMS12BriarHeart01
00028AD7Broken Azura's StarDA01AzurasStarBroken00.5
00019954Bust of the Gray FoxTGLT07GrayFoxBust00
00033764Calcelmo's Stone RubbingTG06Rubbing00.5
020191B7Canticle BarkDLC1CanticleBark3500
040173BBControl CubeDLC2dunNchardakCube500.5
0002C259Cracked White PhialMS12WhitePhialDamaged00.5
0201171DCrescent Moon CrestCasSecEntranceCrestCM00
0009DFF5Crown of BarenziahTGCrown0100
02012FC3Diamond ParagonPortalGemWhiteKey20000.3
02007A2BDraw KnifeDLC01DrawKnife05
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