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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0009C86ENiranye's House KeyWindhelmNiranyesHouseKey00
000CA5EBNorthwatch Captain's KeydunNorthwatchKey0100
00027F7ANorthwatch Keep KeyMS09NorthwatchKeepKey00
000648B6Old Solitude Crypts KeydunPotemaSewerKey30.15
04018F9FOslaf's House KeyDLC2SVOslafsHouseKey00
000FDEB3Pawned Prawn KeyRiftenPawnedPrawnKey00
0002AC70Pelagius Wing KeyDA15PelagiusKey00
00044E78Pinewatch KeydunPinewatchKey00
000786BAPinewatch Treasure Room KeydunPinewatchTreasKey00
0006B705Potema's Catacombs KeyMS06PotemaCatacombsKey00
0001F147Potema's Sanctum KeyMS06PotemaThrallKey00
000B965DPrison Cell KeyMQ101PrisonKey00
000F232ERaldbthar KeydunRaldbtharKey00
00051988Rannveigs Fast KeydunRannCageKey00
04034F97Raven Rock Jail KeyDLC2RRJailKey00
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