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Search Results for "Crafting Smithing"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
03003035Iron FittingsBYOHMaterialFittingsIron41
0005ACE4Iron IngotIngotIron71
00071CF3Iron OreOreIron21
000C8878Large Decorative Dwemer StrutDwarvenLargeScrap31015
000C8864Large Dwemer Plate MetalDwarvenPlateMetalLarge152
000C8872Large Dwemer StrutDwarvenLargeScrap1520
000800E4Leather StripsLeatherStrips30.1
0005ACE1Malachite OreOreMalachite301
0005ACE0Moonstone OreOreMoonstone301
0401CD7CNetch LeatherDLC2NetchLeather102
0005AD99Orichalcum IngotIngotOrichalcum451
0005ACDDOrichalcum OreOreOrichalcum201
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