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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003988EDraught of AlterationFortifySkillAlteration025300.5
000F84B6Draught of ConflictTGPotionofConflict021580.5
000398EEDraught of DestructionFortifySkillDestruction023020.5
0003EB00Draught of Enhanced StaminaFortifyStamina023650.5
000F84AFDraught of EscapeTGPotionofEscape028630.5
0003EAFADraught of Extra MagickaFortifyMagicka021240.5
000D6949Draught of GlibnessFortifySkillPersuasion023020.5
00039970Draught of HagglingFortifySkillBarter021310.5
0003EAF4Draught of HealthFortifyHealth021660.5
0003994FDraught of IllusionFortifySkillIllusion025300.5
000F84BCDraught of KeenshotTGPotionofKeenShot021280.5
000F84A8Draught of LarcenyTGPotionofLarceny02860.5
0003EB0EDraught of Lasting PotencyFortifyMagickaRate023800.5
00039968Draught of Light FeetFortifySkillSneak02350.5
00039945Draught of LockpickingFortifySkillLockpicking02700.5
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