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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0200F1C8Dwarven Crossbow SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechDwarvenCrossbow1000
02006BADDwemer Exploding Fire Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingFire1000
0200F1C4Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingIce1000
0200F1C5Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingShock1000
0001C494Eldergleam SapT03EldergleamSap01
0001CB81Eldergleam SaplingT03EldergleamSapling01
02019ABCEmerald ParagonPortalGemGreenKey15000.3
0200F1C7Enhanced Crossbow SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechEnhancedCrossbow1000
0200F1C9Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechEnhancedDwarvenCrossb1000
0001A31CEssence ExtractorDA04Extractor01
04039E4EExquisite SapphireDLC2TGGemSapphire50000.2
0200D3EDFinely Ground Bone MealDLC1VQ04IngredBoneMeal00.1
0003EC95Firebrand Wine CaseTG04FirebrandWineCase06
0009F7A6Focusing CrystalMG06Crystal101
0201171EFull Moon CrestCasSecEntranceCrestFM00
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